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Wound Care Practice Announces Name Change and New Location

Introducing StrideWoundCare

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 5, 2021 – Dallas, Texas: StrideWoundCare, an innovative wound care practice that brings tailored wound care to patients in home or at clinic, is pleased to announce a partnership with StrideCare. The partnership allows StrideWoundCare, formerly named WoundCare2U, to expand services and join a network of practitioners across North Texas, providing continuity of care. StrideWoundCare also opened a sixth clinic located in Sherman, Texas, fostering more opportunities to help patients with wound care and limb preservation.

How Patients Benefit

The partnership gives patients access to a multi-specialty network of providers in podiatry, vascular, and wound care. Al Wilson, chief operating officer, states “Our vast network of physicians enables an interdisciplinary approach to develop individualized care plans for each patient.” Patients benefit from comprehensive wound care to podiatry and vascular care within one provider network, significantly reducing hospital admissions and risk of amputation.

Patients also benefit from improved, easier processes between specialties, saving time and reducing costs. For example, with vascular labs in each clinic, wound care patients can schedule their vascular diagnostics on the same day at the same location.

With the new Sherman clinic, StrideWoundCare now offers six convenient locations throughout North Texas, facilitating shorter time to treatment. For mobility challenged patients, StrideWoundCare also continues to provide expert treatment in the comfort of a patient’s residence, alleviating the need for transportation logistics and travel time.

Tina M. Martino, director of wound care operations, states “We are growing and evolving to better serve our patients. With this partnership there are changes to our name and brand, however, we want to assure our patients that we’re providing the same expert wound care our community has trusted and depended on for years.”

Trained wound care professionals work with the primary doctor and StrideCare’s network of providers to ensure patients receive the best possible results. Adds Ms. Martino, “By treating patients in their place of residence our individualized approach to wound care reduces complications, promotes recovery, decreases the chance for infection, and keeps patients healing safely and comfortably.”

StrideWoundCare Sherman, TX

About Wound Care

Caring for a wound that will not heal can be challenging. In some cases, healing a wound could be as simple as a medication change. In complex situations, biological skin substitutes, debridements, and negative pressure wound VAC therapy may be needed. Wound healing experts offer advanced solutions to treat and prevent open wounds, guard against infection, and get patients back to daily activities. In addition, these trained specialists recommend other support services—such as nutritional support, quitting smoking, diabetes or managing blood vessel conditions—to increase chances for the best possible outcome.

Wounds that require specialized treatments include surgical incisions, crushing injury wounds, cellulitis, arterial and venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, radiation wounds, infections and more. A highly trained nurse practitioner develops a customized wound care plan with the patient. This includes education on home wound care, as well as continued treatments, diagnostics, and labs. Wound care helps improve limb preservation and prevents hospital readmissions due to infections and other wound complications. 

About StrideCare and StrideWoundCare

StrideCare is a multi-specialty physician group focused on comprehensive lower extremity care. StrideCare’s network of expert providers specialize in the treatment of podiatric foot and ankle problems, wound care, vascular, arterial, and venous conditions. As the largest multi-specialty network in Texas, StrideCare helps patients achieve improved quality of life and prevent limb loss from both common and complex conditions including diabetes vascular issues, peripheral arterial disease, venous insufficiency, foot neuropathy, varicose veins, diabetic foot ulcers, and wounds.

StrideWoundCare is an innovative mobile and in-clinic wound care practice, passionate about providing flexible healing care. Expert providers bring wound care services to patients in the comfort of their residence, relieving stress for the caregiver, and maintaining dignity, respect, and ease for the patient. StrideWoundCare also offers the same high-quality care to patients at each of their clinics across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Dedicated to offering tailored care plans to each patient, StrideWoundCare serves Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Denton, and Grayson counties.

Patients can schedule with StrideWoundCare in Sherman at 300 N. Highland Ave, Suite 365, Sherman, TX 75092 or at five other North Texas locations. To request an appointment or learn more about StrideWoundCare, visit StrideWoundCare.com or call 214-285-9200.

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