Do I have to be invited to join StrideCare?

No, not if you meet specific requirements.

If I join StrideCare, am I automatically part of insurance plans they contract with?

Podiatrists choose who they want to contract with. If interested, our team of qualified specialists can help you expand your network.

What insurance plans are StrideCare podiatrists currently in-network with?

This varies from practice to practice. The podiatrist has the flexibility to decide which insurance providers they would like to contract with.

What is StrideCare’s purpose?

To provide the highest quality, comprehensive lower extremity care to the communities we serve.

Who sits on the StrideCare board?

We have entrepreneurs from a range of industries, including hospitality, law, healthcare, technology, and finance.

How long has StrideCare been in business?

We were established in 2018. However, our physicians and practices have been caring for Dallas Fort-Worth residents for over 35 years.

What exactly is the process to join?

An NDA must first be signed. Then, an evaluation and proposal are completed. After both parties have agreed to move forward, additional contracts will be signed, and the onboarding process will begin.

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