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The Best Solutions for Your Diabetic Footwear Needs

Taking control of your diabetic foot care is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle and overall quality of life. A big part is having comfortable, durable, and stylish shoes that fit correctly and meet your unique medical needs.

At StrideCare, we understand the challenges people living with diabetes have in finding the right footwear. We’re here to lend a helping hand every step of the way. As the largest multi-specialty medical network in the region, we provide exceptional customer service with a friendly and caring approach—one sole at a time.

What Is Diabetic Footwear?

Problems with the feet and toes are common complications of diabetes. In fact, diabetes is responsible for over 50% of all foot amputations in the United States. Over time, diabetes can lead to nerve damage, making it difficult to feel foot irritations, soreness, or infections. On top of that, reduced blood flow can lead to wounds that heal slowly.

Are you one of the many Americans impacted by diabetes-related foot complications such as nerve damage, poor circulation, skin changes, calluses, and foot ulcers? If you are a candidate for diabetic footwear, our expert providers can prescribe custom inserts and special diabetic shoes. These are designed to alleviate pressure and prevent the development of painful pressure points, blisters, and sores.

StrideCare Footwear will fit and cushion your feet while providing additional support to the ankle, arch, and heel.

Benefits of StrideCare Footwear

Diabetic shoes sport footwear

Promote circulation
Reduce high-pressure areas
Prevent skin breakdowns & calluses

Diabetic footwear men's dress shoes

Extra room for the toes
Added depth for inserts
Soft material to limit excess rubbing

Diabetic footwear sports shoes

Improved motion control
Lightweight, cushioning soles
Specialized fit for each patient

Candidates for Diabetic Footwear Suffer From . . .


Poor blood circulation


Slow-healing wounds

Foot deformities

Threat of amputation

High risk of infection or nerve damage

Our team has an extensive reputation for custom fitted diabetic footwear. We are dedicated to delivering shoes you’ll love in eight weeks or less. We have a wide selection of diabetic footwear that will match your style, and more importantly, help prevent ulcers and amputations.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Shoes


Check that the office has the MD or DO that manages your diabetes in our system as one of your care teams.

Verify that we have the best number to reach your doctor.

Ask that they give you a Footwear Packet and the podiatrist’s diabetic exam notes.

We will work with your doctor who manages your diabetes. If they are unresponsive after multiple attempts, we may call you to ask for assistance. Ask your MD or DO to sign the packet with your podiatrist’s exam notes and fax it to the number on the Footwear Packet (not to your podiatrist’s office).

Southern Hospitality for the Sole

We coordinate with your doctor (MD/DO) and insurance to complete required paperwork. From there, we …

Schedule a convenient appointment to assess your needs and shoe selection.
Order diabetic footwear from a wide selection of top-of-the-line shoe companies.
Schedule a convenient appointment to assess your needs and shoe selection.

During your appointment, we will measure your feet and conduct a thorough foot examination to assess your current condition. You may also shop for extra pairs of shoes, socks, slippers, and sandals. Please ensure that your feet are clean and that you wear socks to your appointment.

Requirements for Diabetic Footwear

If you require diabetic footwear, it’s important to be aware of Medicare’s strict requirements. Generally, Medicare covers up to 80% of these services. Any balance will be sent to your secondary insurance if applicable.

Medicare requires a signature from your PCP or Endocrinologist to verify a recent diabetic check-up (within the past six months). If you see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, an MD or DO must sign the paperwork.
Medicare requires us to evaluate the fit of your shoes and inserts, so you must come back for a fitting. We ensure your shoes fit properly as you try them out in the office. We’ll also guide you how to carefully break in your brand-new shoes. If there are any issues with the fit, we’ll reorder your shoes and/or inserts. It’s as simple as that!

Key items needed from your podiatrist and MD/DO that manages your diabetes:

A prescription for all required diabetic foot items – Our many StrideCare podiatrists have the foot expertise you need and can assist with a prescription for diabetic footwear if medically necessary.
An in-person appointment – Attended within the last six months at your MD/DO’s office who manages your diabetes.
A Statement of Certifying Physician – Completed by the MD/DO treating your diabetic condition, signed within the last three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

StrideCare Footwear

At StrideCare Footwear, hospitality and customer service go hand in hand. We’re passionate about finding the perfect pair of diabetic shoes that not only suit your style but also keep your feet healthy and happy.

If you have questions about our products and services, please give us a call. We’re always happy to talk and provide the best support for your foot care.

Thank you for considering StrideCare Footwear—where hospitality and foot care meet.
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