About Us

Who We Are

StrideCare is a multi-specialty physician group focused on delivering comprehensive lower extremity care. Our expert doctors specialize in the treatment of foot and ankle problems, lower extremity care, wound care, vascular and vein care. As the largest podiatry network in Texas, our physicians and surgeons offer multi-disciplinary treatment for common and complex conditions including diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, neuropathy, diabetic foot ulcers, venous insufficiency, and wounds.

StrideCare is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with practices across the state.

We’re working towards an essential objective.


To improve the health of the patients we serve by delivering high quality care and exceptional patient experience through clinical integration, prevention, early disease identification and treatment.


To serve as the leading multi-specialty group delivering comprehensive lower extremity care that transforms care delivery, demonstrates improved outcomes, and increases value for the patients and healthcare system.


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